Win the challenge, get rewarded

Anyone can apply. This is not a competition against anyone else. This is a challenge with yourself that you can complete at your own pace. We've built it to suit most trading styles.

To be a winner...

You need skill and commitment. In return we offer successful candidates huge payouts and bonus schemes.

  • The challenge consists of 125 Levels.

  • You advance each level by gaining or losing pips.

  • Our algorithms detect your edge and predict market volatility from the assets you choose.

  • Our systems are only successful if you are, if you win, we win.

  • How it works

    During the challenge, we monitor trader behaviour, expectancy and probability from the first position to the last. We rapidly build a unique and evolving profile of the trader and their decision making. We risk over 150x the challenge fee on high-probability positions during the challenge and incur all losses ourselves without affecting the trader. We share only the profits, none of the losses.

    Our Platform

  • After paying the fee, the trader is given access to our custom platform with live market conditions.

  • The trader has no control over lotsize or money management. They must gain pips only.

  • We control the risk of their positions based on probability and expectancy.

  • We use their sentiment to trade correlating assets at a high-frequency to generate the payouts.

  • 125 Levels

    No Time Limit

    15 FX Pairs

    Complete 56 Levels:

    45% Win Rate
    + 7,500 GBP
    Remote Position
    Live Account

    Complete 63 Levels:

    50% Win Rate
    + 75,000 GBP
    Remote Position
    Live Account

    Complete 69 Levels:

    55% Win Rate
    + 750,000 GBP
    Remote Position
    Live Account

    Complete 75+ Levels:

    60%+ Win Rate
    + 1,000,000 GBP
    Remote Position
    Live Account

    Challenge Fee 1,000 GBP